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Our services

We do for you all the work around the house and garden from a single source, both in summer and winter.
Pruning, hedge and lawn care
Snow removal in winter
Troubleshooting and security works in your house
Remodeling, interior works, house renovations and repairs
House maintenance and window cleaning
Cleaning of parking lots and garages
Office cleaning and workspace greening
General landscaping, maintenance of green areas
Herb and vegetable garden, flower bed maintenance, shrubs
Flower care, planting and plant maintenance
Ponds, watercourses and waterfalls
Construction of walls, landscapes and fences
Garden planning, surface construction, staircases
Facade planting, terrace construction and tree felling
Leaflet 'Quality and fair prices'
Leaflet 'Your Home – your Paradise'
Leaflet 'Secure your Home'
We do this work professionally and reliably. Do you feel addressed?
Call us without obligation. We can also offer other services on request.
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Painting, renovations, interior works
Securing your home from break-ins

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